Walking into my greenhouse I was greeted by a beautiful display of tulips and instantly transported to my travels in Amsterdam, walking through the flower market.  Surrounded by a light sweet aroma, the gentle, almost sticky smell of flowers cut through bustling bodies. I glided through the colour and bright bloom. The walls of each stall were covered in a wonderful array of pigment, a vivid appearance resulting in pure delight. Such variety and choice was overwhelming, every possible colour, shape, size. More options than one could imagine. The stems the hue of spring grass and their brilliant purple petals slightly opening, revealing the pleasure inside. Some hinted towards a sunshine yellow, others a brilliant pink. I could not resist a purchase, I had to take home a piece of this beauty. So on my return I carried a bag of bulbs, an unknown selection. Their appearance would be a surprise, much like the moment I stumbled across the flower market. Therefore when I saw this majestic flowerpot sitting so delicately in my green house, I was carried through time in my imagination right back to that exact spot in Amsterdam. I can picture the precise location and the line I walked. The power of such a delicate flower amazes me.

When you walk you leave traces, little seeds that you can rediscover bringing back a memory. It will wait there patiently until you go back. When discovering a new place, it offers the potential for new thought and possibilities.

Lived experience is a key aspect to creating art; it is the understanding of experience that is passed on to the audience to appreciate. Their own familiarities will become apparent when viewing the work and this will trigger a connection to their own tactile world as well as the artwork.  This notion links to that of Merleau-Ponty where he said “the world is not what I think, but what I live through” My connection was the busy flower market and I was so easily relocated their in my mind. This power is what I seek to offer in my practice, and I long for someone else to be taken on a journey through my work.

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